For years, the usual story about Formula One was the same in America: It never caught on. The series was too stodgy and too European.

The sport’s fanbase has been steadily growing in the United States recently, but it’s never really caught on with Americans in general.

For all the ways that America’s culture has travelled to Europe, the reverse is also true: all of a sudden, American exports are raking in Euros. From U.S.-based fashion houses (Gucci, Prada) to electric race cars that tear up winding tarmac.

Miami is a popular tourist destination for people around the world. The city appeals to a variety of people for a variety of different reasons. Miami is a place where people can feel free to be themselves and celebrate who they are. Imagine bringing Formula One racing to Miami. It would be an exciting event, drawing large numbers of visitors from across the world. It would create a lot of buzz and draw attention from many different communities. with the new Netflix series where race car drivers on Twitch compete.

It’s a sport that, just a few years ago, was all but unknown in the United States. So perhaps it shouldn’t be surprising to see fans decked out in Formula 1 gear at the city’s sporting and entertainment venues before in the coming weeks.

With a few weeks to go before the new United States Grand Prix at the Hard Rock Stadium, the venue’s parking lots are getting a European makeover.

Building the race track leading to the event came with a lot of logistical challenges. There were 175 structures, and 65 kitchens, and the whole campus had to be wired with 5G technology. What is amazing about this is that it was done in 11 months even in the midst of popular tournaments happening. I bet it was a fun but super challenging experience.

The idea was a blimp shot for television looking down at yachts. The yacht club and the marina made that possible. People will be able to watch the race from the back of the Yatch. Pretty cool right?

The event is sponsored by, a cryptocurrency firm.

Tom Garfinkel, chief executive officer of the Dolphins, says, “The idea is that this will turn into an almost Disneyland map. It’s kind of like, ‘Do you want to go to Space Mountain? Do you want to go to Pirateland?’ ”

There was a time when the idea of taking Formula One racing and creating a Disney like experience would have sent Ferrari fans into a screeching skid.

The Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA)-sanctioned series has been considered the pinnacle of motor-sports competitions, a display of hardcore engineering and speed.

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