Win in Business
Win in Business
Experimentation - The Key to making better business decisions

Is it a good idea to quickly test your ideas in the marketplace, then learn from the results before proceeding? Or should you have a formal business plan, do a lot of detailed planning, and create a product that is perfectly designed before launch?

Experimenting is the key to making better decisions. By testing your ideas and getting feedback, you can improve your judgment and learn to anticipate the results of uncertainty.

Experiments are the most important tool ever invented for thinking. They do more than just generate data you can use to prove or disprove your hypothesis. Experiments generate new ideas. And they get you ready to get the most out of new ideas.

Experiments make you think about what you think you know. When you ask a question, an experiment suggests a way to find out the answer. Experiments force you to pay attention to what’s really going on in the world around you, that your intuition may have been distorting or missing. Experiments give you no choice but to consider alternatives–to try something new. Experiments teach you how to think.

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